Dream Garden Quilt – Block 4


There sure is a lot going on today – April 15. Did you file your income tax return? Place your TAXDAY order for 20% off on digital patterns?
I’ve been so busy today trying to catch up on things leftover from last week while I was gone that I almost forgot to post this months new block for the Dream Garden quilt.

Dream Garden Block 4

Block 4

This block is a favorite in the quilt. It looks like the Trillium I’m longing to see at the cottage. You can get today’s block on the Dream Garden page – HERE

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Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 4


Even though it’s April Fool’s Day today you won’t find me playing any practical jokes here! It’s a Just Takes 2 Benjamin Biggs quilt day and we’ve got stitching to do. I think you’ll find today’s block a breath of fresh air after the intense work on tiny stems and little round cherries in last month’s block.

Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 4

Block 4

I know it looks like I have the block is upside down but that’s the way it’s set in the quilt. I’m not sure if I’ll orient it that way in my quilt or turn it around. Seems kind of odd to me this way.

Benjamin Biggs Block 4 signature I studied this signature for quite a while. It looks like -

Ann R. Mering
Ring Brook 1849

Benjamin Biggs Block 4 for quilting The quilting, the quilting. There’s lots of quilting in this block but it’s a bit difficult to see. There’s a large picture in the pattern file and you can enlarge this one to look it over. I’ve found feather wreaths, feather sprays or a sprig of feathers depending on what you want to call it and a flower or leaf design. You could use lots of designs to dress up this Carolina Lily block.
If you’e just joining us and missing the first three blocks you can purchase them


Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 4 - Click here



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It’s Worldwide Quilting Day!


I remember when today started out as National Quilting Day here in the United States. I’m thrilled it’s grown to now be Worldwide Quilting Day! So many of my quilting friends are in countries outside of the United States and it’s fun to be able to celebrate together.

worldwide quilting day 2014

I’ve got a few fun things for you today and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

scrapbook1 I have lots of fun things in the studio for inspiration and this vintage scrapbook is one of them. I came across it a few days ago while i was looking for something else and started flipping through the pages.

scrapbook2This wonderful old pattern from the Detroit News spoke to me. It’s called Rickrack Posy! We’re in some serious need of springtime, floral things here in what seems like the eternally cold, snowy Michigan. In reading the pattern I don’t think I’ll be using the soft pink and white fabrics they recommend. I’m actually going for some wool applique on flannel for this project. I love the idea of using rickrack for the stems and decorating the flower pots. I won’t be making the bed size version either – going for 12 blocks and a lap size quilt.

Click here for the FREE Patchwork Posy Pattern

Have you had a chance to watch the Teeny Tiny Stems video tutorial? I hope there will be a few tips in there that might help you.

There’s also a new tutorial for making Perfect Circles. What would Worldwide Quilting Day be without sharing a few tips, techniques and promoting quilting?

I also want to thank everyone who has watched my Needleturn Applique video. It has over 90,000 views and to say I’m honored is an understatement! Thank you, thank you for your support of Sentimental Stitches! What next? Is there a technique you’d like to learn more about? Something that’s giving you trouble and wonder if there’s a different way to get good results? Please comment or send me an email.

Midget BlocksThis cute fabric bag and it’s contents are never very far from me.

midget blocksYes, it’s the antique Week by Week Sampler quilt that inspired the Midget Blocks.

IMG_1070There are several new blocks for you to download today.

midget blocks
midget blocks
midget blocks edge Just a few more pictures for you to enjoy. I marvel at this piece each time I look at it!

Dream Garden Block 3
Before you go, this month’s Dream Garden pattern is ready to download and there’s a Worldwide Quilting Day sale on all digital patterns until Monday. Use the discount code: QUILTDAY for 25% off!

I hope you have a wonderful day and are able to spend some time quilting!

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