Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt Block 17


It's the first day of May and I'm headed back to the cottage again. We have great plans to pull old insulation out of the attic and a new, more winter worthy amount before it gets too hot to work up there. We'll see how long we hold up. It's going to be a messy, dirty job and I haven't quite envisioned how we're going to get the terrible mess that's up in the attic down through the hatch and out the door without turning the kitchen into a disaster zone but we'll see.
Zoe Helping with Yard Work April 2015 Here's Zoe helping with the yard work last weekend. She decided this spot on top of the yet to be installed dock would be a great place to supervise!

Today is a Just Takes 2 quilt block day and we have a really pretty, traditional block for you today.

Benjamin Biggs Block 17

Block 17

Benjamin Biggs Block 17 Center

Elen Morrison
Thomas Creek

The town is better known as Tom's Creek and mentioned frequently in historical accounts of the area. I couldn't find much information on Elen and I have a feeling her name might actually be Ellen. Many of these blocks were made by girls in their teens. I did find some interesting reading about a church in Tom's Creek. At least one of the surnames names mentioned in the article is also in your blocks. The Early Years at Tom's Creek United Methodist Church

Border PlacementThere were some questions in the Just Takes 2 Facebook group about placement of the swags on the border. I tested a half strip last night and put together this diagram I hope will help if you're having trouble with your border. If you'd like a PDF version of this to add to your pattern you can download it - HERE

I'm sure Brenda has something wonderful planned for you today so head over and don't forget to download your block while you're there!


Just Takes 2™ Benjamin Biggs Quilt
Block 17
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Shipshewana Quilt Retreat


I had a wonderful time last week at the Just Takes 2 Shipshewana Quilt Retreat. Thirty ladies joined us for the retreat and I got so see some old friends and made lots of new friends too. Three ladies were attending their very first quilt retreat ever! I'm so honored they came to spend time with us!
Retreat Button 2
I have so much to tell you about, and lots of pictures to share but decided last week not to bombard your Facebook feed with all of them. I'll put pictures on the Shipshewana Quilt Retreat web site too in the photo gallery. I stood way in the back during Show and Tell using the zoom on my phone to take pictures - big mistake and I knew better. Some of those are a little fuzzy but you'll still be able to see the wonderful quilts that were shared.

I drove to Shipshe after dinner on Easter Sunday and I'm sure it's no surprise that one of the first stops the next day was Rise 'n Roll Bakery in Middlebury, Indiana. We had lunch with a friend and didn't miss getting some of their great donuts!

I stopped in Yoder Department Store and was so happy to see another friend, Gretchen Weaver, being honored as their Artist of the Month.
There are more pictures of Gretchen's quilts in the Shipshewana Quilt Retreat Photo Gallery.



I saw some interesting patterns featuring solid color fabrics. I bought some in bubblegum pink, chrome yellow and poison green to go along with my reproduction prints from that era. I like a little solid color to balance things out sometimes. Yoder's also donated a door prize for the retreat. We drew the winner's name after Show 'n Tell on Friday. Judy K. was excited to take home the tote bag filled with goodies.

Everyone needs to have a pretzel from JoJo's Pretzels and a latte from Kitchen Cupboard. They're my favorite stops for lunch! If you haven't tried one of the pretzel sandwiches from Kitchen Cupboard, put it on the list for your next visit to Shipshewana. I also like to eat at Millie's Market Cafe on the third floor but didn't get there on this trip. Their soups and sandwiches are wonderful too!
Just in case you didn't know this, I'm the resident retreat shopper. I shop most of the day and stitch in the evening. I hope you'll enjoy my shopping adventures during this retreat.

IMG_2230 I probably shouldn't admit this but at least twice a day I visit Lolly's Fabrics. Their other stores, A Little Bit of Lolly's and Cuddle Corner are on the lower level of the Davis Mercantile and I visit those shops too! You just can't have too much fabric! There is so much to see inside Lolly's so I'll let the pictures tell the story - enjoy............







If you've never been to Lolly's, it's a quilter's paradise. I didn't take pictures of even half of the areas in the store. It's just something you have to see and experience. I could go back tomorrow and find fabrics I missed just a few days before. New things are coming in all the time and they have things grouped together in an easy to shop arrangement.
IMG_2501 These new wools are from Marcus. I think I'll use some of them in my Emily Munroe quilt. I didn't have my pattern with me or I could have gotten some wool for the background. I guess that means another trip to Lolly's is in my not too distant future!

IMG_2502 It was also a Kaffe Fassett trip for me. I stocked up on some of the newer prints not in my collection.
IMG_2503 And these..............they're for an upcoming secret project. I think you'll like it.
IMG_2499 Kris and Mike had a special treat for everyone at the retreat. Each box was a little different and we were all thrilled with this special gift. Thank you Lolly's!!




These are some of the quilts for sale in the The Lang Store. The selection is always changing and they have quilt in every size and price range. It's always fun to see what's there.

IMG_2248 Our retreat quilt this time was made using a Capper's Weekly block pattern called Friendship. Kits were available at Lolly's to make this scrappy little gem. It looks a little wonky to me but my quilting time has been limited lately and I didn't finish the quilting before the retreat. The binding is on there and for me that is a miracle! That seems to be my least favorite part. I'm already working on the little quilt for the November Retreat - at least in my dreams.....
IMG_2247 We had bags for everyone with the Friendship Quilt pattern and some other goodies inside. They were fun to put together and I'm going to keep my eyes open all summer for treasures for the November retreat bags.

IMG_2245 There was always someone stitching and a few were more productive than others. I managed to finished another Diva Wallet and a couple of embroidered blocks.




IMG_2339 On Saturday Joan brought lots of things from the estate of Patricia Boucher. Her family is trying to make sure her quilt things are sold to people who will appreciate them. I've adopted more than my share. We had such great fun looking through all the quilt tops, blocks, fabric, books and so much more making selections of pretty things to take home.






IMG_2401 Joan also brought some of her newly acquired antique quilts and one she's helping a friend get appraised. We loved seeing all the signatures and different fabrics used in this piece. Thank you Joan, it was wonderful!





IMG_2346There were more beautiful antique quilts to see on Saturday afternoon including the Grandmother's Fan quilt purchased at the Honeyville Quilt Auction.

I think I can safely say a wonderful time was had by all. If your head is spinning with inspiration I don't blame you. The work is well underway for the November retreat and beyond. I'll save all that for another day.

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Baby Days!


Things have been changing around our house in the last few weeks. You may have noticed I'm answering emails in the evening and on weekends or you might not get me on the phone right away during the day or I email you an answer instead of calling.
I'm adjusting my schedule to accommodate the new helper I have in the office.

This is my adorable granddaughter, Violet!

She's just over 4 months old and we are having such great fun together. We cuddle and work together almost every day. We talk quilts among other things.
We do chores together like unloading the dishwasher.

IMG_2078 She helps with emails. Zoe doesn't usually get to help but she hurt her back that day by getting tangled in a blanket and falling off the couch so she was on aspirin and bed rest for the day.
We kick the little birds and play with our feet........

We talk to the bumblebee.

IMG_2140 Violet takes naps while I fill orders and work on other things but she is the inspiration for today's new pattern!

Baby Days Quilt

Baby Days

I know you're going to love this vintage design of embroidered blocks featuring all the adorable things babies do.

510 Violet does all these things and so much more. I hope you'll want to make a Baby Days quilt for that little someone special in your life.

You can learn all about the pattern and purchase it - HERE

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